BilPark has an extensive experience that can help you in choosing, installing, updating or moving your IT Infrastructure.

You can consult us:

  • If you want to choose and install a new IT Infrastructure,
  • If you want to update your existing IT Infrastructure,
  • If you are not sure if your existing IT Infrastructure is being used efficiently and effectively,
  • If you want to migrate your company to a new ERP solution and you don't know if your IT Infrastructure can handle it,
  • If you have licensing issues and you don't know if your company's softwares are fully licensed,
  • If you have problems with your e-mails,
  • If you suddenly get virus alerts from all your computers on your network,

Our team has an extensive knowledge and offers it via several services.

  • System Analysis: Let as analyze your system and find out its shortcomings.
  • System Optimization: Our team should optimize your system so that you can use it with 100% efficiency.
  • Network (Wired, Wireless) Infrastructure: You certainly need a network. Can you buy it? Manage it?.
  • Procurement: You know you need something, but you don't know what or which one.
  • Software Licensing: Take care, what if BSA comes to inspect you today? Are you ready?
  • Software Installation: Software Installation: New computers? We can handle it.
  • Security: Is you company network secure?
  • Mail Servers: Enough with spams.
  • Backup: Let us handle your backups. You go on delete freely.

Our support team helps you with your daily IT operations.

  • My computer does no switch-on.
  • My Outlook froze.
  • I can't receive my mails.
  • I can't reach/find my files..
  • I think I deleted my presentation file.
  • Why is there a virus warning?
  • I can't print.
  • ...

Let our experienced team handle all your users, either come to your office or connect remotely. Our Support Services:

  • Full Time/Part Time On-Site Support: We will be like your personnel.
  • Remote Support: Give us access and forget the rest.

As BilPark's products are all web-based it became a necessity to have a web hosting service. BilPark started hosting its own products and most of its clients' corporate websites in 2002.

Linux - Windows Hosting

At the beginning this service was only for BilPark's own business management products BMBASE, SeMaBASE and DoXBASE but later it expanded to custom web solutions, social media applications and corporate websites.

We provide both Microsoft and LINUX based Hosting solutions.

Our servers are located at Turkcell-Superonline.

Turkcell Superonline

BilPark's E-Mail Hosting service is complementary to its web hosting service.


We provide the service on Microsoft based servers with Exchange Server and on LINUX servers with POSTFIX Server.

For security and spam filtering leave all configurations to our experienced team. We test every new server system/software our test servers before we offer it to you.

BilPark also provides a very privileged E-Mail Hosting service called Smart Hosting.

Smart Host

In commonly used e-mail systems when you press the send button of your mail client (Outlook,...) the mail is directly routed to your mail server and to then to destination e-mail address' mail server.

Geleneksel E-Mail

When your company migrates to Smart Host, it'll seem like working the same but all e-mails will be routed through BilPark's servers. We'll handle the spam filtering, virus scanning and IP blacklisting issues.

Smart Host E-Mail