Manage all your after-sales activities, support, service and guarantee with SeMaBASE - Service Management.

SeMaBASE supports your after-sales activities by reporting and measuring your performance. Manages your resources effectively and increases your ROI, supports your decision making.


BMBASE helps you buy, create, store, move, sell your products. What happens after-sales is SeMaBASE's (Service Management) responsibility. SeMaBASE manages your support, installation, service and guarantee processes and contracts. It integrates fully and seamless with BMBASE.

SeMaBASE Modules

Service and Maintenance

Manages and reports all your products, stock, related warranty terms, periodic maintenance, contracts, defect and service records, work orders, expenses, labor costs and progress payments.

Service Tickets

Allow your customers to open service request tickets directly in SeMaBASE by defining/authorizing users to them.


Manage all your customers, contacts, activities, locations and personnel on a single system.


BMBASE keeps track of all appointments, pending approvals, waiting orders, training schedules... and reminds you everything by e-mail.

User Management

Authorize access to every single feature one by one or in groups. Everybody focuses on his/her own work, no unnecessary menus and buttons.


Manage all your company's personnel even if they are users of SeMaBASE or not. Integrate this information with you company's intranet portal and gain the ability of single point control.

Document Management

Every item in SeMaBASE can have file attachments. You can choose to scan your invoices and attach them to payments. You can attach each contract's original softcopy,...

SeMaBASE uses DoXBASE as its document management platform.