BMBASE is a high-end web-based business process management platform designed for SMEs and large scale corporates. It has the ability to manage all processes from Procurement to Sales and solves all sorts of task delegation, quality, standardization and decision making issues.

Its extensive reporting and instant notification systems increase personnel awareness and force to take action.

Collaboration has never been easier! BMBASE helps efficiently managing your company's suppliers, customers and business partners all on the same platform.

BMBASE can also handle production phases and processes (below at Vertical Solutions) for different types of products.

BMBASE can be tailored/customized according to your specific needs.

BMBASE is completely web based and is licensed on a per server basis always with unlimited number of users.

BMBASE | Vertical Solutions

Building Construction and Project Management      BMBASE4c
Maritime      BMBASE4mar
Shipping      BMBASE4con
Textile      BMBASE4tex
Import/Export      BMBASE4ie
Production      BMBASE4pro
Procurement / Sales / CRM      BMBASE4crm
Education      BMBASE4edu


BMBASE helps you buy, create, store, move, sell your products. What happens after-sales is SeMaBASE's (Service Management) responsibility. SeMaBASE manages your support, installation, service and guarantee processes and contracts. It integrates fully and seamless with BMBASE.

BMBASE Modules

Sales Management

Manage, track and report your sales opportunities, proposals and orders. Let your sales reps enter your orders, managers approve and delivery personnel ship your products. Never forget or lose track of a sales opportunity. Deliver everything correct and on time.

Procurement Management

What about the proposal you collect? Do you keep track of your suppliers? Are they performing well or poorly? Do you compare prices? Do you know if you have enough stock of a certain product? Do you have to order new ones? BMBASE handles all your procurement processes, it even automates purchase ordering with its critical stock amount feature.

Warehouse Management

BMBASE is adaptable to any type of warehouse system/logic: Single/Multi-Location, barcode, Matrix-Code, RFID, hierarchical boxing, physical/logical zones.

BMBASE can trace every single product or every single part in every product to its roots.


Manage all your customers, suppliers, contacts, activities, locations and personnel on a single system.

Don't use your CRM only for sales but also for your after-sales activities.


BMBASE keeps track of all appointments, pending approvals, waiting orders, training schedules... and reminds you everything by e-mail.

User Management

Authorize access to every single feature one by one or in groups. Everybody focuses on his/her own work, no unnecessary menus and buttons.


Manage all your company's personnel even if they are users of BMBASE or not. Integrate this information with you company's intranet portal and gain the ability of single point control.

Document Management

Every item in BMBASE can have file attachments. You can choose to scan your invoices and attach them to payments. You can attach each proposal's original softcopy,... BMBASE uses DoXBASE as its document management platform.