BilPark has been developing web-based products since it was established in 2001. All its business management products BMBASE, SeMaBASE and DoXBASE are web applications. BilPark uses its web experience also in developing custom/tailor-made web applications.

BilPark uses Microsoft server systems and Microsoft .NET technologies to develop custom solutions.

Some of the custom web applications developed by BilPark are listed below:

BilPark was contracted by the Project Management Center of Istanbul Technical University (I.T.U.). The project was a web application based on a doctorate dissertation.

It was developed together with a team of professors, academic staff and graduate students in 2010.

The project's main objective was to create a construction project management platform that could create/trace project plans by importing 3D drawings of buildings. It had to do all sorts of calculations like Cost Analysis, Critical Path Analysis, Earned Value Calculation, Subcontractor Payment Calculations, and such...

BilPark used its Business Management Product BMBASE as the main platform for this project and added IFS (3D CAD) import, project management and calculation modules on top of it. This special version of BMBASE was called BMBASE4c (BMBASE for Construction).

BMBASE4c achieved a significant increase in the accuracy and speed of cost calculations. As soon as a 3D IFS drawing is imported, BMBASE4c calculates the estimated material and labor costs.

For BMBASE4c to extract all the information it needs, the drawings need to be created using IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) libraries. AutoCAD Architecture and AutoDesk Revit have the ability to convert any drawing to IFS format.

BMBASE4c is a 4D construction solution. The fourth "D" being its instant cost analysis feature/dimension.

BilPark completed BEP-TR (Building Energy Performance - Turkey) in January 2011. It is a web application based on the "Building Energy Performance Regulation" published in 2008 (Revised several times) by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism in Turkey.

The ministry assigned this task IZODER. IZODER chose BilPark to implement the software and a strong team of academicians in Istanbul Technical University to create the necessary complex algorithms for energy calculations.

BEP-TR's main objective was to provide an interface to building energy performance professionals to define and calculate the energy efficiency of buildings.

  • Private Houses
  • Apartments
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Residences
  • Shopping Malls
  • Schools

BEP-TR creates a single (2-Page) certificate per building doing calculations that are fed with 1000s of parameters. It does hourly calculations, so it is highly accurate and it takes 365 x 24 iterations to calculate a single certificate.

Its main parameters are:

  • Building Geometry: All heat zones and external obstacles are defined one by one.
  • Lighting Systems: All lighting systems are defined zone by zone and room by room.
  • Mechanical Systems: Cooling/Heating, Air Conditioning, Hot Water and Ventilation systems.

BilPark created a reporting platform that can integrate to any sort of SQL-Based system. This platform evolved over the years and now is used in many of BilPark's custom solutions and business management products.

Our experienced team analyses your SQL-based system and learn its shortcomings in reporting. Without changing anything in your system we add the necessary reporting capabilities and you are done.

It is completely web-based and has all the filtering, sorting and pivoting capabilities that you are used to in Microsoft EXCEL.

Raporlama sistemi web tabanlıdır ve her rapor Microsoft EXCEL rahatlığında filtrelenebilmekte, pivotlaştırılabilmekte ve sıralanabilmektedir.

Some of its features:

  • Data filtering (multi-selection)
  • Data sorting
  • Drag-Drop Pivoting
  • Comparisons
  • Report Save/Save As...
  • Export to EXCEL
  • Remove/Add Columns
  • Report Permissions/Authorization
  • Report Locking (Read Access - Only Save As allowed)

Fully compatible with BilPark's business management products BMBASE and SeMaBASE. It is used in several projects involving NETSIS, LOGO and some other accounting software.

Although BilPark's main knowledge area is the web, depending on customers' requirements our team develops Windows-based (Client) Applications as well.

The royalty contract management software created for Filma in 2011 is an example.

Filma makes commission deals with European companies that create comic/cartoon characters/brands and sell their usage/production-rights mainly in Turkey but also in the Middle East and Eastern Europe.

Currently they sell the rights of WinxClub, PopPixie, Le Petit Prince and Huntik to companies that produce Accessories, Toys, Apparel, Shoes, Bags, Watches, Jewelry and Stationary. BilPark's royalty software manages all these deals from their opportunity stage to signature stage, from their royalty reports to their payments...

The software keeps track and reminds all the day to day tasks. Makes all necessary calculations and deal performance analysis. With its extensive reporting capabilities the executives are always aware and know the time to make decisions.

Its main features are:

  • Pre-Sales Management
  • Activity Management
  • Deal Signature Processes
  • Complex Deal Terms
  • Complex Commission Terms
  • Product Management
  • Product Design Approval Workflow (Licensor and Filma)
  • Product Sample Approval Workflow
  • Royalty Reports (From Licensees and to Licensors)
  • Payment Management
  • Reporting (using Windows version of BilPark's reporting platform)

BilPark started developing social media applications with the application it developed for Coca-Cola for their giant festival Rock’n Coke 2011. The application and hardware system helped the festival youth connect to Facebook using RFID wristbands without the need of any computers, tablets or cell-phones.

The application collected a lot of attention and later was used by 2 other organizations sponsored by Coca-Cola and an event sponsored by KIA Motors.

BilPark transformed this custom solution into a product and gave it the name Share@Site.

Currently Share@Site has the ability to share content and user photos on Facebook (tagged) and Twitter. It also has a complex badging system that is fully customizable.

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