Reach all your documents at anytime from anywhere you want. With your web-based document management system DoXBASE get rid of all the mixed up file sharing systems.

DoXBASE helps you classify, authorize, encrypt and search all your documents.

Its notification system sends e-mails to all document owners when a change occurs and ensures that always the latest version is used by all the company.

DoXBASE integrates fully with SeMaBASE and BMBASE.

With its fully customizable workflow mechanism you can implement different update flows for different document types.

DoXBASE Integrations

  • Exchange Server: DoXBASE can integrate with exchange and keep track of attachments and e-mail content.
  • Fax Server: DoXBASE can use your fax for notification purposes.
  • Scanner / Multi Function Printer DoXBASE integrates with your scanner and tracks scanned documents automatically.

DoXBASE Modules

Document Sharing

DoXBASE is based on a tree-style virtual foldering mechanism. Authorized users create/modify folders. Each folder/file has its own security settings and also inherits settings of the parent folder. Each folder can have its own workflow so that each file added/modified in it can be approved by specific users.

Each file/folder has its own encryption, locking, size limit, expire date and versioning properties.

DoXBASE indexes all files with their content thus can do detailed content searches.

User Management

Authorize access to every single feature one by one or in groups. Everybody focuses on his/her own work, no unnecessary menus and buttons.


Manage all your company's personnel even if they are users of DoXBASE or not. Integrate this information with you company's intranet portal and gain the ability of single point control.